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As an executive search firm in the nonprofit sector, we know that hiring for a leadership position can be a complex and challenging process. Many factors come into play when selecting the right

As companies strive to build more inclusive and innovative workplaces, building a diverse candidate pool is critical. Yet, many organizations struggle to attract and hire candidates from underrepresented

I’ve noticed that many organizations focus, explicitly or implicitly, on certain qualities when searching for a new leader that don’t necessarily have a direct impact on performance and the ability to generate

As nonprofit leaders, we are called upon to tackle some of the biggest challenges facing our communities and our world. Whether it’s addressing poverty, improving access to healthcare, or protecting the environment,

Last week, I wrote about the need to create bold solutions to big, challenging problems. Whenever I find myself stuck in the routine of just executing on the core of my business, but not thinking creatively about big moves that

One of the most overlooked items when starting a new executive search is the job description. Companies often copy and paste some general information from the website and have the HR department