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Many nonprofit leaders and executives believe that being an effective fundraiser requires a specific set of qualities – extroversion, being challenge-motivated, and the innate ability to deal with rejection.

In the competitive world of hiring top talent, the interview process plays a crucial role in attracting and retaining the right candidates for your organization. It’s not just about evaluating skills and qualifications;

Have you ever started recruiting a leadership position and wondered if you were offering a competitive salary? In the world of nonprofit organizations, attracting and retaining exceptional leadership talent is vital

In the recent adopted remote and hybrid work reality, maintaining a vibrant culture and prioritizing the well-being of team members has become increasingly essential. Remote work presents unique challenges

Maintaining strong relationships with donors is one of the most important things we do as nonprofit executives. Are you still just sending out email newsletters? The Association of Fundraising Professionals found that

As the leader of an organization, I know it’s sometimes difficult to think about health and wellness initiatives when it seems like you’re struggling just to stay afloat yourself. But you already know that it’s