Practical, Impactful Executive Coaching to Scale Your Leadership

Why Executive Coaching?

At Maneva Group, we specialize in providing professional development for nonprofit leaders. Our programs are designed to empower leaders to excel in unique environments that blend strategic planning, financial acumen, and a mission-driven approach.


Our Approach

Customized Coaching Plans: Recognizing that no two leaders or organizations are the same, we offer customized coaching plans that address specific challenges and goals. Whether it’s nonprofit executive director training, improving team collaboration, managing growth, or implementing new technologies, our coaches have the expertise to guide you.


Experienced Coaches: Our team consists of seasoned coaches who not only have a deep understanding of not for profit leadership training, but also possess extensive experience in running teams and organizations themselves.


Outcome-Oriented Sessions: Each coaching session is designed with clear objectives and outcomes in mind, ensuring that time spent is productive and translates into tangible benefits for your organization and your leadership style.


Continual Support and Resources: Beyond the sessions, we provide ongoing support to help you implement what you’ve learned and to continue developing your skills. This includes access to a network of peers and industry leaders, as well as materials and tools that are useful for fostering growth and change.

Multiply Your Impact With Our Professional Executive Coaching Services

Our seasoned coaches have decades of experience scaling nonprofits from startup to $20M+, refining leadership structure and processes in larger nonprofits, and growing social impact businesses from startup to well-oiled $100M+ organizations.

For small and medium-sized nonprofits, the challenge is the same – how do you scale from a small, committed team that works on everything to a well-run organization that has structured leadership tiers and enables growth while still increasing quality?

For a larger organization, leaders need to continually develop the tools to manage their time effectively, delegate impactfully, manage and motivate their teams, and hire top talent.

Our seasoned coaches will work with you every step of the way to help implement your strategies and multiply your impact.

We are currently at full capacity for these services. If you are interested in leadership training for nonprofit organizations, please send a message with the form below and we will reach out.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Executive Coaching at Maneva Group is a tailored development process, facilitated by a professional coach, that focuses on helping leaders achieve their professional goals, improve their effectiveness, and drive organizational success.


It involves one-on-one sessions aimed at enhancing leadership skills, problem-solving abilities, and personal growth.

Our nonprofit leadership development training is designed for senior leaders, managers, and emerging leaders who are seeking to enhance their leadership capabilities, address specific workplace challenges, or accelerate their career progression.

Coaching sessions may focus on a variety of areas, including strategic thinking, communication skills, team management, conflict resolution, performance enhancement, and personal leadership style development.

The coaching process typically begins with an assessment to identify the client’s desired outcome, strengths, and areas for development. This is followed by setting clear, measurable goals. Regular coaching sessions provide space for reflection, learning, and action planning, with the coach offering guidance, support, and accountability.

Our coaches are certified professionals with extensive experience in leadership development and organizational behavior. They are selected for their expertise in nonprofit executive training, proven track records, and alignment with Maneva Group’s values and culture.

Coaching engagements at Maneva Group typically last between 6 to 12 months, depending on the goals and needs of the individual. Each session lasts approximately 60 to 90 minutes, with session frequency varying from weekly to monthly.

Success is measured against the initial goals set during the assessment phase – these can be revenue, time, team satisfaction, etc. Additionally, feedback from direct reports, peers, and supervisors, as well as self-assessment tools and performance metrics, are used to evaluate progress.

Confidentiality is paramount in our coaching engagements. All discussions between the coach and the client are confidential, with no specific details shared outside the coaching relationship without consent.

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