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Health & Wellness in the Workplace: 5 Creative Strategies to Energize Your Team

As the leader of an organization, I know it’s sometimes difficult to think about health and wellness initiatives when it seems like you’re struggling just to stay afloat yourself. But you already know that it’s crucial to recognize the impact that promoting health and wellness in the workplace can have on your team. Not only does it improve their physical and mental wellbeing, but it can also increase productivity, decrease absenteeism, and boost employee morale. In this article, I’ll share 5 creative strategies to energize your team and promote health and wellness in the workplace.

Strategy 1: Promoting walking in the workday

One creative strategy for promoting health and wellness in the workplace is to start a walking team. This is a great way to encourage physical activity and get employees moving throughout the day.


To encourage a walking, first take a quick gauge of employee interest. Send out a survey to see who would be interested in participating. Once you have a group of employees who are interested, you can start planning your first walk or run.


It’s easy to set up a 30min time on everyone’s calendar that reminds the team (virtual or in person), to go for a quick walk around the office or the neighborhood. Some colleagues can opt to have a walking meeting to brainstorm and discuss ideas.


Aside from just physical health, getting some fresh air and exercise will make your team members more effective and creative, and you will quickly see the camaraderie that a collective activity like this can create.

Strategy 2: Offering Healthy Snacks and Beverages

Another strategy for promoting health and wellness in the workplace is to offer healthy snacks and drinks. This can help employees make healthier food choices throughout the day, which can ultimately improve their overall health and wellbeing.


To offer healthy snacks and drinks, you’ll first need to assess your current offerings. Are there vending machines or snack stations in the office? If so, what kinds of snacks and drinks are available?


Consider replacing unhealthy options with healthier alternatives, such as fresh fruit, nuts, and water or sparkling water. You could also offer free tea or coffee, or implement a “healthy snack of the week” program to introduce employees to new and healthy foods.

Strategy 3: Encouraging Breaks and Stress-Relief Activities

Stress can have a negative impact on employee health and wellbeing, which is why it’s important to encourage breaks and stress-relief activities in the workplace. This can help employees manage their stress levels and improve their overall mental health.


To encourage breaks and stress-relief activities, consider setting up a quiet room or meditation space where employees can take a break and relax. You could also offer stress balls, have resources that provide guidance on breath-work, have a room dedicated for quiet space in the office, or organize group yoga or stretching sessions.

Strategy 4: Supporting Mental Health and Stress Management

Promoting health and wellness in the workplace isn’t just about physical health – it’s also about mental health. As an employer, it’s important to support your team’s mental health and provide resources for stress management.


Consider offering an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) that provides counseling and support for employees who are dealing with personal or work-related issues. You could also offer mental health resources and information, such as webinars or workshops on stress management techniques.

Strategy 5: Creating a Positive Work Environment

Creating a positive work environment is crucial for promoting health and wellness in the workplace. When employees feel valued and supported, they’re more likely to be happy and satisfied with their job.


To create a positive work environment, consider implementing a recognition program that rewards employees for their hard work and contributions. You could also hold team-building events or social outings to help employees connect and build relationships.

Measuring the Success of Your Health and Wellness Program

There is no need to implement 5 initiatives. Just take a moment to start one program that lets your team know how much you value their health and happiness.


As a final note, it may be useful to measure the success of your health and wellness program. This can help you identify areas for improvement and adjust your strategy accordingly.


Consider tracking metrics such as employee engagement, absenteeism, and productivity to gauge the impact of your program. You could also send out surveys or hold focus groups to get feedback from employees on what’s working and what could be improved.

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